Nitin Mahajan Photography...beyond expectations.


For me, photography is a passion and my sincerest form of expression. This passion never let me rest and have constantly motivated me to examine and polish my skills in photography and film. Film making is a team work and I have a creative and experienced team - BLACK BOX.

BLACK BOX has kept pace with the rapidly changing technology and has acquired advance equipment and knowledge to enable itself to represent the subject.

Film is the strongest medium that captures all your senses. It creates a dynamic experience on the viewer’s mind that prevails for a very long time.

We meticulously interpret your business and communication objectives and translate them into powerful videos using our creative and technical abilities.

If you are looking for a motion created in your required circumstances, we are committed to create just that beyond your expectations.

Our greatest asset is our vast experience which provides quality services to our clients. Our intense knowledge about various subjects combine with our technical strengths, help us in producing best outputs that are conceptually strong, strategically right on target and creatively of a high order.