Industrial photography

Industrial photography encompasses the broad range of photography in any organization dedicated to the commercial production and sale of goods and services. Although it is the most challenging work, industrial photography has the greatest potential for creating a great shot out of. I use a wide range of lighting and equipment with experienced technical crew on site and have worked in all sorts of unhealthy but quite exciting environments. I always study the company’s operations, products, services and some technical aspects related to the particular industry.

Advertising photography

Advertising photography is only one of the many disciplines of professional photography. The Major Purpose of Advertising is to arouse the consumers desire to own any given product and stimulate to purchase. I bring the meticulous detailing of lighting products with the adventurous spirit. I always communicate with my client and then put ideas and work together. Areas of specialization may include product, food, people or automotive photography.

Architectural Photography

I have been photographing architecture exclusively since 1995. I approach each assignment with a fresh sense of discovery. My produce visually exciting photographs that have a lasting impact and usefulness. This is best achieved by sitting down and discussing in depth, the client’s thoughts, design concepts and project publication goals.